September 2015, I went to celebrate Eid with my parents in Sahiwal ساہیوال, Pakistan. While visiting and having great time there, I thought to write something since it is my birth city as well.

Let’s have a look at quick history of this small, peaceful and clean city. It was carrying its original name but then in 1865, this city was named Montgomery after Sir Robert Montgomery. Then during President Ayub era, the native inhabitants of this area “Sahi” clan of Kharal Rajpoots reinstated the name to “Sahiwal”

In the west of Sahiwal, 25 KM away, the archaeological site of “Harappa” which was built 2600 BCE. Pakpattan is just 40 KM away where famous shrine of great Muslim Sufi Fariduddin Ganjshakkar is located. He is famous as Shaikh-ul-Islam Shakkar Ganj (1173-1265). This place was visited by Ibn Batuta in 1334.

With nearly Three Hundred Thousand populations, the city has rich history. Two beautiful rivers “Sutlej” and “Ravi” had made this city a center. It is right in the middle of major cities of province Punjab which are Multan and Lahore. Both cities’ International Airports cater the people of Sahiwal. In past, people had to go to Lahore for their International Travels. But now Emirates Airlines has started its operations in Multan, as a convenience, the people of Sahiwal are using Multan International Airport to travel across the world.

It is located on the belt of Agricultural area that’s why it has different kinds of crops. The principal crops are wheat, cotton, tobacco, legumes, potato and oilseeds.

Sahiwal’s cow is famous all over the world like Indian, Australia and most of African countries. City is a breed of Zebu Cattle which is used in dairy production

Since Pakistan has all 4 weathers, Sahiwal’s maximum temperature is 45 C in summer and goes down to 2 C in winter which my parents observed even less than 0 C but officially is 2 C

Sahiwal is a birth place of many intellectuals and players who earned fame. Intellectuals like Majeed Amjad, Attash Durrani, Kunwar Mohinder Singh Bedi Sahar, Munir Niazi and Nazir Naji. Famous Television Anchor of Neelam Ghar Tariq Aziz belongs to Sahiwal as well. This soul has produced cricketers like Mushtaq Ahmed and Manzoor Elahi. Some of the famous Politicians are Rana Muhammad Hanif Khan and Nouraiz Shakoor who has been Federal Ministers as well. Sain Zahoor was Sufi Musician and Emmanuel Neno was Christian Author and translator

One of town in The Great Britain “Rochdale” is twinned with “Sahiwal”. There is a direction sign in Rochdale’s town center pointing Sahiwal’s direction with “Sahiwal 3960 miles” which I am planning to go and see in November 2015 to capture in the shutter box of my mind.

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