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We give services in getting visas for certain countries. Nowadays everyone wants to go abroad in vacations for tourism and want to visit new places. Dubai is one of high demand destination. Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities and is the clean and pure city. Most of the people visit Dubai for many purposes such as travelling, business, jobs and for visiting. The places of Dubai are worth seeing and charming.

With some exceptions for GCC nationals and people touring from 33 countries spread across America, Europe, and Far East who are eligible for a visa on arrival, a valid visa – otherwise – is obligatory for all visitors to the UAE. The UAE visa is in the form of electronic visa. There are different types of visas, and the visitor’s purpose of entry usually determines the sort of visa that one should apply for. In fact, the prerequisites and documentation procedures vary from one visa service to another. With that being said, there are certain conditions that apply to all Dubai visa services. For instance, in order to apply for a Dubai visa, the applicant, along with holding a valid passport, must ensure that he has not been barred from entering the UAE or deported from the country.

Our dedicated team of visa consultants boasting an exemplary track record in dealing with all types of services related to visa UAE is here to help you. With an extensive and up-to-date knowledge of immigration rules and regulations, we at Good Journey Travel & Tours specialize in varied aspects of visa application, let it be business, 14-day, 30-day, 90-day or 96 hour visa. Whether you plan to travel Dubai or already settled there and want your family or friends to join you, taking advantage of our on time visa service Dubai will eliminate hassles and ease your chances of obtaining your Dubai tourist visa application within a minimal time frame. Besides guiding you through the visa procedures from start to end, we also offer proficient assistance in applications to extend your stay in the UAE.

We offer special visa rates if you book ticket with Good Journey Travel & Tours Lahore Office.

Single Entry Visa – 14 Days Stay – PKR 9,000
Single Entry Visa – 30 Days Stay – PKR 11,000
Single Entry Visa – 90 Days Stay – PKR 31,000
Multiple Entry Visa – 90 Days Valid – PKR 60,000

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